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Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E.



M.O.V.E. Studio

Our developing M.O.V.E. Studio will serve as a community center, family entertainment space and rehearsal/production studio for all of our M.O.V.E. Efforts. We will MOVE in to our M.O.V.E. Studio at the beginning of 2017! In the mean time, check out all of the amazing shows we've produced in the past. Can you imagine what we can do with our very own M.O.V.E. Studio? Stay tuned! 

After a sold out first edition, Broadway’s best writers and performers team together again to help raise funds for children with special needs in New York City and around the world. Victor Legrá, Anthony Crouchelli & M.O.V.E for Autism present Putting the Pieces Together: Volume 2 featuring the music of Carner and Gregor, Rosser and Sohne, Maglione and Ruiz, Joey Contreras, David Dabbon, Joanna Burns, Jonathan Lee, Justin Anthony Long and Will Van Dyke. The concert will feature show-stopping performances by Robin de Jesus (In the Heights), Natalie Weiss (Everyday Rapture), Teal Wicks (Jekyll & Hyde), Marla Mindelle (Sister Act, Cinderella), Eric Michael Krop (Godspell), Mike Schwitter (The Book of Mormon), Megan Fulmer (Shrek the Musical national tour), Dana Costello (Finding Neverland, Jekyll & Hyde), Will Ray (Little House on the Prairie national tour), Jessica Hendy (Cats, Aida) and Allison Strong (Mamma Mia!, Bye Bye Birdie). 

Turn On The Light

M.O.V.E. members have been serving communities nation wide through artistry for the past five years. What started as a fundraiser for Autism Speaks has grown into an unstoppable movement, now spanning other good causes including Diabetes, Celiac Disease and domestic education. We hope our motions will spark your emotions and inspire you to move. M.O.V.E. has big plans for the future, and we "won't stop 'till it's over".

M.O.V.E. Member - Florian Fructuoso presented Turn On The Light as a part of our 2014 effort, "M.O.V.E. The Girls & Boys Project". Turn On The Light is a contemporary dance show that comments on the issues of self esteem and forgiveness.

M.O.V.E. LOVE In-n-Out

Ripley Grier Studios 10D
February 15th, 2014
520 8th Ave. 10th Floor

On February 15th, join MOVERS as they present artistic efforts that encourage us to love ourselves inside and out. This is sure to be an evening of true love! Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with M.O.V.E.

PART 1 6:00-7:30

Love in the 21st Century

New Musical Theater music composed by M.O.V.E. Members, Mark Oleszko and Bethany Mayes.

PART 2 7:30 – 8:00 PM

Inner Beauty Pageant Opening Ceremony

Join us for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments as we welcome the contestants of M.O.V.E.’s 1st Annual Inner Beauty Pageant.

Opening Ceremony Film Screening begins at 7:30 PM SHARP!

PART 3 8:00- 9:15 PM

Turn on the Light An evening of self-discovery through dance and dramatic acting. Directed and choreographed by Florian Fructuoso.


A contemporary showcase to begin our year of service. 01/26/2013

All proceeds will be donated to M.O.V.E.'s current effort, M.O.V.E. For Liberia; an effort that is raising funds to reconstruct Nemiah, a village in Liberia through the usage of solar power energy. The Sun Giant Foundation is the ultimate recipient of funds raised from the M.O.V.E. For Liberia effort. Sun Giant is responsible for creating, installing and managing solar power energy tools and resources in Nemiah.

8:00 PM

440 Lafayette Street 3rd Floor (Between Astor and 4th St) Studio 3G

$10.00 Admission 

M.O.V.E. For Hurricane Sandy

In December of 2012, members of Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. raised funds for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort.

All proceeds from the M.O.V.E. For Hurricane Sandy Relief were donated to The American Red Cross. In addition to donations, M.O.V.E. members collected the following goods for shelters housing victims from Rockaway and Staten Island.

*Toiletries, blankets, winter coats, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, moisturizer, deodorant, razors, baby wipes, q-tips, feminine hygiene products, combs, hair brushes, washcloths and towels. *

Black History MOVES Me


A performance project that recognizes the assembly of African American thinkers and artists to advance African American living, education and entertainment during the civil rights movement. Inspired by Phillis Wheatley's poem; 'A Young African painter, On Seeing His Works'

"Still, wond'rous youth! each noble path pursue,

On deathless glories fix thine ardent view"

-Phillis Wheatley

Join us for a night spoken word, video presentations, photography presentations, vocal performances, discussion projects and critical thinking about black history. Join M.O.V.E. Members and artists from the NY area for a night of discussion, performance and fundraising. 

Grant's Safari

M.O.V.E. For Autism Season 3

In 2012, MOVERS presented Grant's Safari A multi-media show that recognizes the abilities of Autistic children. Grant's Safari uses video and movement to take the audience through an autistic child's favorite animal interactions. The show is narrated by Nicole Johnson's brother, Grant Jalen Johnson.


M.O.V.E. The Better Earth Project

BE (Better Earth) is a Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. sponsored effort hat initiates a platform for mutual understanding and dialogue concerning the tension between the Christian church and the LGBTQ community.

Better Earth is a traveling artistic effort that will embark on the task of initiating civil discussion about this prevalent social issue in communities around the United States. The company of Better Earth will visit churches, schools and community organizations throughout the 2013-2014 M.O.V.E. season. By presenting an array of artistic pieces that will serve as the inspiration for conversation, Better Earth seeks to cultivate mutual understanding between the competing sides of this conflict.

Javanna Productions & The Andrea Torres Dance Company

Better Earth is a two part showcase that is performed by members of Javanna Productions founded by Nicole Johnson and members of the Andrea Torres Dance Company founded by Andrea Torres.


M.O.V.E. For Harm Reduction

M.O.V.E. for Harm Reduction presents the a new miniseries entitled RED. Our first episode calls attention to the pressures of under aged drinking. Together, Maria Plan to write and produce the series commenting on the social challenges young girls face in school on a daily basis.


Dance Parade

In an effort to raise awareness for our M.O.V.E. For Cambodia effort MOVERS participated in the NYC Dance Parade! 

M.O.V.E. Holiday Party

Check out MOVERS performing at our 2013 Holiday Party Fundraiser for MOVE community service initiatives.  

M.O.V.E. For Cambodia

Check out all of the activities MOVERS conducted in efforts to raise funds for United World Schools during M.O.V.E. Season 3

M.O.V.E. For Cancer Relief

 In partnership with Big or Bigger, Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. For Cancer relief sponsored the DANCE FOR CANSWER initiative to raise funds for Brianna Mercardo's surgery. Brianna is a cancer survivor and an outstanding member of M.O.V.E.

M.O.V.E. To Prescribe Hope

M.O.V.E. members of the Utah Chapter created the M.O.V.E. To Prescribe Hope project under the direction of leading member Wyatt Hopkins.

In this effort students utilize narrative story telling to call attention to the nation-wide abuse of mood altering substances.  

M.O.V.E. HTH Initiative 

In 2013 MOVERS assisted University Settlement's STRIDE after school program with a basketball tournament to benefit the Covenant House.  

As often as possible, M.O.V.E. members gather at Founder, Nicole Javanna Johnson's house to cook meals. Members distribute plates in NYC parks and street sides. 

M.O.V.E. For Liberia 

REM is a full length contemporary piece that questions the notions and players in civil war conflict and international aid.

In honor of the M.O.V.E. for Liberia effort Javanna Productions is presenting 'REM', a collaborative choreography project featuring dancers from Broadway Dance Center. 

Through a digital media and movement performance, MOVERS directed by the company's leading choreographers will become the "good" and "bad" creatures under the American's bed. Members of the organization are in discussion about American interest in foreign conflict and are gearing their studies specifically towards the American interest in the Liberian civil war. Members have concluded that American knowledge of distant conflicts are often dream like hence the title, 'REM' (Rapid Eye Movement). America often stands in the middle of the conflict attempting to manage the issue with meager knowledge, sometimes providing adequate aid in distressed regions and other times creating more of a disruption. Through fictional story telling, MOVERS will question American interest in distant civil war conflicts and challenge the idea of the "good guy" vs. the "bad guy" in a war zone.

The Sun Giant Foundation is the ultimate recipient of funds raised from the M.O.V.E. For Liberia effort. Sun Giant is responsible for creating, installing and managing solar power energy tools and resources in Nehemiah, Liberia.

M.O.V.E For Myasthenia Gravis Relief

M.O.V.E. members of the Wisconsin Chapter created the M.O.V.E. For Myasthenia Gravis Relief effort under the direction of leading member Cashee Prince.

  In order to raise funds for Myasthenia gravis victims, Cashee contacted M.O.V.E. and initiated her own MOVEment in Wisconsin. Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E. supplies Cashee with the materials and funding to create jewelry for her M.O.V.E. for Myasthenia gravis brand. All proceeds will be donated to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA), an organization that is improving treatment options for Myasthenia gravis victims. MGFA also provides support for those with Myasthenia gravis and is dedicated to creating awareness about the disease.

Aids Awareness 

M.O.V.E. Member Patrice Roth and Founder Nicole Johnson perform a dance piece for Aids Awareness Month