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Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E.



M.O.V.E. 2014-2019

Founder & Creative Director, Nicole Javanna Johnson has recently announced that Javanna Productions will dedicate the next five years to a new M.O.V.E. effort; The Girls & Boys Project. In addition, Javanna Productions will administer our yearly tribute to Autism Awareness during the month of April.

In this effort, M.O.V.E. will provide classes for practical application, enrichment opportunities, performance opportunities, cultural learning, community building sessions and community service adventures that will strengthen the spirits of students nation-wide.

• The Vanna Ed. Membership

• 1st Annual Inner Beauty Pageant

• Artistic showcases focusing on issues of self esteem and empowerment

• Fundraisers for community organizations that support and educate youth

• Community gatherings and conversation

• Brainstorming sessions for education reform

• Parent discussions about secondary and higher level education

• Community service opportunities for all ages

The Girls & Boys Project 

The Vanna Ed. Membership. Currently, Vanna Ed. Programs are administered in New York, Utah and Florida. Learn more about the Vanna Ed. Curriculum

Ted Talk on Summer Education and Arts Opportunities

Nicole Javanna Johnson  

Vanna Ed. Membership

The Vanna Ed. Membership is a membership that provides students of ALL AGES with practical learning for application courses, cultural enrichment, field trips, performances, art classes, movie screenings, community building exercises and community service opportunities during the summer. Sponsored by Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. The Girls & Boys Project 

While I was at Vanna Ed. two different sets of adults came inside to inquire about the space. They were genuinely delighted to see a place where kids could go that promoted activities to keep kids in the positive. Any place where kids can grow, create, learn and prosper is a plus. I watched the kids while at Vanna Ed. and they all seemed really comfortable in the environment. As if they felt safe and found sanctuary away from home. In addition, Vanna Ed. has a diverse array of classes for its members. Spanish, math and creative writing.

Evan Walker; Union Performer and Vanna Ed. Volunteer

My experience at Vanna Ed. was fun and heart-warming. As soon as I arrived, I met all of the amazing kids and established and talented artists. I think this organization is beyond needed for the community. It is not a day care, but a place of inspiration, development and learning. I believe this organization can truly make a difference in our younger generation. The space was the perfect little size and fit for the program. Nicole was not only a leader to these girls but acted as if these girls were her family. She made sure they had anything they needed.

Cindy Heen; Broadway Dance Center Student and Vanna Ed. Volunteer

I think Vanna Ed is a great program for the young people that participate in it. From just a few hours of visiting I saw that it wasn’t a daycare, it was a constructive and educational program where the kids develop social skills, a sense of responsibility and have a space to come out of their shells. I think it’s awesome!

Justin Smith; Concert Vocalist and Vanna Ed. Volunteer 


Javanna Productions' new community center is a small, intimate place located in Brooklyn, underneath the train tracks and in the center of a busy street. It’s easy to overlook, but for the ones who are looking for a safe place, place of opportunities, a place of education, a place of support, love and peace, Javanna Productions community center will be a place that stands out like a shiny star in the sky. It’s a place of humble beginnings, trial runs, doubts, but most importantly, a place where instincts can be a guiding force into something that is bigger and greater beyond ones mental capacity. May this small place be a big place for those who need an opportunity to be great.

Steven Brice; Evangelist Cedar Hill Church Dallas TX 


I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the kids at the center. I could tell they have never been exposed to things such as modern dance and creative movement and it took a little while to warm up, as well as pay attention and focus, but I think the community center is doing great things for these kids. I It gives them real life tools and confidence to be and think for themselves as well as discipline and etiquette.

Sarah Zielinski; Union Performer/Modern Dance Instructor

I thoroughly enjoyed working and spending time with the students of Vanna Ed. I was greeted with such energy, excitement and love that it was hard to say good-bye to these lovely young people. What Nicole has started here is a gift for the community.

Chelsea Duplak; Union Performer/ Classically Trained Opera Singer

M.O.V.E. For Autism

M.O.V.E. for Autism

In the fall of 2004 my brother was diagnosed with autism. Although Grant is 10 years old, he is developmentally behind, and he continues to struggle academically and socially. Soon after Grant's diagnoses, I relocated to Hell's Kitchen New York in order to attend Professional Performing Arts High school in my sophomore year. Due to my absence during my brother's formative years, I needed to find a way to be supportive in his life in some form. Therefore, I created M.O.V.E. For Autism.

~ From The Founder, Nicole J. Johnson

M.O.V.E. For Autism is one of Javanna Productions' continuous efforts. Every April, M.O.V.E. Members dedicate their time and talent to raising funds and awareness for Autism research and services. Members often conduct classes for Autistic children, host performances for fundraising and promote awareness through conversation and community discussion.  

M.O.V.E.ment Therapy

Movement classes for children with Autism administered by M.O.V.E. Members in NY. 

M.O.V.E. For Autism & Hip Hop U.S.A.

Javanna Productions has joined forces with Hip Hop USA to produce customized M.O.V.E sneakers and clothing. A percentage of the profits from each sneaker sale will be donated to the Dan Marino Foundation through the Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. For Autism effort. Visit this link for more information and purchase a pair of M.O.V.E. For Autism shoes for $75.00. BUY A PAIR TODAY!

M.O.V.E. Member Max Schneider

M.O.V.E. For Autism Season 4

Grant's Safari 

A multi-media show that recognizes the abilities of Autistic children. Grant's Safari uses video and movement to take the audience through an autistic child's favorite animal interactions. The show is narrated by Nicole Johnson's brother, Grant Johnson.