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 Javanna Productions is a non-profit registered 501c3 fundraising/production company with active members of all ages in countries world wide. Javanna Productions provides artists with the resources, funding and platforms that are needed to produce socially responsible artistic films, shows, galleries, events and fundraisers. Annually, Javanna Productions presents a community driven effort entitled M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment). In this assembly members are encouraged to produce artistic pieces and events (films, visual art, performance art, music, spoken word, classes, workshops) that raise funds and awareness for a variety of social issues, causes and non-profit advocacy programs. 


What M.O.V.Es Us

M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment) represents our generations ability to bring change and innovation to the way we give back  to our communities. M.O.V.E. is inspiration, M.O.V.E. is innovation M.O.V.E. is change, and change is needed.






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Girls & Boys Project

 M.O.V.E. (Season 5) 2014-2015

 This season, members are working for a new M.O.V.E. effort entitled, “The Girls & Project”. In this effort we seek to provide students nation-wide with opportunities for education, sports, enrichment, performance, cultural learning and community building that will encourage and strengthen their spirits. 

Javanna Productions has recently announced that members will dedicate the next five years to "The Girls & Boys Project”. The 1st Annual Inner Beauty Pageant is one of many events that is presented under “The Girls & Boys Project”. In the Inner Beauty Pageant M.O.V.E. will provide students nation-wide with mentors and opportunities in education, enrichment, performance, cultural learning and community building. This effort was designed to encourage and strengthen the spirits of youth from all communities. We especially seek to work in under served communities providing students with after school activities in the arts and community service.  Check out the cool Vanna Ed. Membership offered to youth below.